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Forex Fury is an advanced robot that's provided by the Rypax Inc. company. The Forex Fury executes trades at last for about 2 hours a day and tries to achieve to Its desired daily profit percentage with the minimum risk in a non-fluctuation and stable market. This robot has many settings that you can change based on your needs. We will introduce you to the Forex Fury robot and the best Alternative for it in the following.

Forex Fury is an advanced robot that’s provided by the Rypax Inc. company. The Forex Fury executes trades at last for about 2 hours a day and tries to achieve Its desired daily profit percentage with the minimum risk in a non-fluctuation and stable market. This robot has many settings that you can change based on your needs. We will introduce you to the Forex Fury EAand the best Alternative for it in the following.

About Forex Fury EA

Forex Fury is one of the most well-known trading robots in the Forex market, which has been available for six years. Also, Its development team provides a new update every month according to the market condition. The robot is priced from $229 to $439 for its different versions.

Forex Fury EA performance

Forex Fury EAfocuses on short-term performance. This robot is designed to analyze the fundamental and technical aspects of a trading symbol in 1 hour of trading and achieve results close to 100% success.

Easy installation of Forex Fury
In the rest of the article, we will talk about the performance of Forex Fury expert advisors.

The Rypax Inc. company notified that the expert advisors should not be used all day and believes that the robots that are supposed to trade all day will definitely face huge financial losses.

Check the performance and price of Forex Fury EA
Some performance graphs of the Forex Fury robot can be of great help to traders.

You can see the graphs of Forex Fury’s performance in the following:

Forex Fury EA installation training:

The way you should follow to install the Forex Fury expert advisors is the same as the other Expert Advisor that you install in the MetaTrader.

Complete tutorial on how to install Forex Fury ea
In this photo, we will briefly review the basic installation of the Forex Fury expert advisors.

Firstly, you need to download the file and then copy the contents of the file into the EXPERT section; you can click on FILE in the menu and then click on Open Data Folder to go to the mentioned section. After copying the Forex Fury EA file, just open and close your MetaTrader once.

Forex Fury expert advisors work training:

To learn how to work with the Forex Fury EA, you should adjust these settings after installing the robot to get the best trading performance:

  • Username: The username is the name that you created the first time you registered on the website.
  • Trade direction: In this section, you can specify whether to perform long, short, or mixed trades for you.
  • Fix lot: To use a fixed lot size, set Use Incremental Lot Size to False.
  • Use incremental lot size: This option is for money management. If it is set to True, this feature specifies the percentage of risk and is used to set the input lot size.
  • Stop loss: Determine the desired loss limit
  • Take profit: Determine the desired profit limit
  • Set strategy: Determine the type of strategy.

It should be mentioned that this expert has more settings that you can change as desired, or you can use the company’s default settings.

The best trading session for using Forex Fury:

According to the robot manufacturer, since their approach is to reduce risk, the best time to use a Forex Fury robot is at the end of the New York session and the beginning of the Sydney session. The manufacturer believes that only 1-2 hours are enough for executing trades by the robot, and the best possible result can be achieved during this time in the market.

Pros and cons of the Forex Fury robot:

Forex Fury trading robot has pros and cons that should be considered before the perches. We will mention the essential advantages of that in the following:

  • Compatible with MT4, ECN, FIFO, NFA, and MT5
  • Tasted SET file and always updated
  • Risk management capability
  • Automatic financial management
  • Ability to trade on all the symbols, including cryptocurrency
  • Easy installation on MetaTrader

Disadvantages of the Forex Fury EA:

  • No guarantee of profit
  • Requires stable internet connection
  • Not compatible with mobile

The best trading symbol for the Forex Fury EA:

You can run the Forex Fury robot on various trading symbols. It means you’re not limited to one or a few specific trading symbols, which means you can use the forex robots on different trading symbols according to the settings provided in it.

The best trading time frames for using the Forex Fury EA:

Choosing the best time frame depends on the trading strategy that you would choose. In the setting section, you can adjust Its trades on short-term, long-term, or a combination of both.
The company has stated that the Forex Fury robot performs the best trades in the short term for the Scalping strategy. Therefore, you can set the robot up to 5-minute, 15-minute, and 30-minute time frames.

The best Alternative for Forex Fury EA

Alongside all the features and benefits of the Forex Fury EA, we have prepared a suitable alternative for you that currently has a profitable performance on MyFXBook. The Alpine robot is one of the smartest EAs created by Express Advice. Unlike the Forex Fury expert advisors, the Alpine robot has a very good long-term performance and can lead to significant profits.

If you want to know the most essential features of the Alpine robot, read the following:

  • Use of market reversal points
  • Ability to use simultaneously on multiple currency pairs
  • Verified by the MYFXBOOK reference site
  • Ability for self-management of financial management by the robot
  • Activation on 2 MetaTrader accounts
  • Continuous and free updates

What we read in the Forex Fury article:

As we read in the Forex Fury review article, Forex Fury is an advanced and well-known trading robot that has been widely used by traders worldwide. Also, we recommended using Alpine EA as a reliable alternative that can be easily purchased and used by any user. Its main features include the use of market reversal points, the ability to trade on multiple currency pairs simultaneously, and the ability to manage finances through the robot. Overall, Alpine EA is an excellent alternative for all users who want to trade with a reliable robot without facing any challenges. Also, you can see Its performance on MyFXBook.

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